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Check out our Archived Programs on this page. Remember, They are free Of charge! 


Don't miss Starr Talk (live) from Sun Star Studios. Join us every Sunday night at 9 pm on CBS affiliate KKNX , worldwide on the internet: , and over the international Omni Media Networks.

Classic movie fan? Classic music fan? This program is for you. you will have a chance to interact with many other fans. Share your favorite film or movie moment.  Meet others like you who enjoy the escape, If just for a moment, with a great classic film or a favorite classic record.  In such times, a simple scene in a film or a song, can take us back to a moment in time. Our lives our built around such moments.  Our memories are linked to the simple things around us.   The films we watch and music we listen to are true emotional  links in all our lives.

Our Studio head Sonny Starr will play host to some of the biggest legends in Hollywood. That's right!  Each week you will have a chance to meet some of the greatest names in the Entertainment business.  Plus, there will be contests and giveaway's. Sonny will also share some fascinating insights. Of course the phones will be open to you to. You will have a chance to add your own thoughts and interact with others. Mark it down and tell your friends. "Starr Talk" airs every Sunday at 9 pm on KKNX, worldwide on the internet and over the international Omni Media networks.  Make plans to be with us. 

John Brambora, Starr Talks engineer, will add his two cent during each show.  John and Sonny have great on air chemistry and have a long history in radio together.  They worked College basketball together and Co-hosted a very popular live call in program. They have also worked Live remotes and have made a number of public appearances 

Starr Talk can now be heard on the Omni Media Network. Our 9 PM Live Sunday night broadcast will be simulcast on three of their networks. The Classic Car Golden radio Network, The Beyond Channel and Hound Dog Radio. Use this link to hear the show on the net:
We are also pleased to announce that the following radio stations will be carrying Starr Talk as well: We Welcome Omni's flagship stations in Portland FM 98.1 and 1610 AM. We also welcome listeners in Albany Oregon. Catch the show on 1610 AM and FM 89.3. In addition we welcome listeners from Aumsville Oregon. You can hear us at 1610 on your AM dial. Finally we welcome WQVR 1640 AM in South Bridge MA.



Classic Hollywood Program, Starr Talk with Sonny Starr update.


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Listener Feedback

Feel free to send us your feedback. Do you like the show? Do you want to ask a question? Maybe you would like to add a cool fact. Whatever the case may be, Please send us your comments by using our Contact Link.  We will try to read your comments on the air!  

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There are five ways to enjoy the show. Tune in live every Sunday at 9:05 pm pacific on our flagship station CBS/ KKNX Solid Gold Radio 84 AM in Eugene Oregon. Live on the net:, worldwide over the Omni Media Network: , Leading Edge Radio Network-Dallas TX:   and "AM 1290 – FM 97" Vancouver/Portland.

Classic movie fans?  You now have a home!  Be part of the family every Sunday night at 9 pm, Live from the West Coast. It promises to be a fun filled hour.   


This Months Lineup on Starr Talk


Sunday August 4th 2019

We will remember the Marx Brothers.  Guests:  Harpo’s son Bill Marx, Jerry Maron ”At the Circus”, and Producer A.C. Lyles.



Sunday August 11th 2019

Elvis Week is going on right now at Graceland!  Starr Talk is part of it once again. We will feature some of Mr. Presley’s band members and Hollywood friends. Of course the show will be loaded with great music.



Sunday August 18th 2019

Production is complete on our tribute to Curly Howard. Our guests will be his Daughter Marilyn Howard Ellman and grandson Brad Server.

Sunday August 25th 2019

Next month Adam West would have celebrated his 90th Birthday. We will honor him by re-airing our wonderful visit with him.

Starr Talk Archives!

A selected group of our Archived programs are now available to you! They are Free! S&H is only $5.00. They are a lasting part of Hollywood history. Wonderful stories from the legendary entertainers who lived them. This is the perfect gift for any classic film, television, or music fan. Each program Runs 51:00 min.Send Check, Money order, Or cash to: Sonny Starr/Sun Star Studios 2205 Debra Dr. Springfield Or. 97477.

The following is a list of available Programs:

Our past Guests:
Television: Film:
1) Alison Arngrim  1) Julie Adams
Little house On The Prairie. 2) Ernest Borgnine
2) James Best  3) Harry Cary Jr.
Dukes Of hazard. 4) Diana Cary
3) Tony Dow 5) Arlene Dahl
Leave It To Beaver. 6) Phyllis Diller
4) Mike Farrell 7) Mamie Van Doren
M*A*S*H* 8) Rhonda Fleming
5) Fred Foy 9) Karolyn Grimes
The Lone Ranger. 10) Ray Harryhausen
6) Beverly Garland 11) Jimmy Hawkins
My Three Sons. 12) Tippi Hedren
7) Kathy Garver 13) Dean Jones
Family Affair. 14) Shirley Jones
8) Billy Gray 15) Joan Leslie
Father Knows Best. 16) A. C. Lyles
 9) Darby Hinton 17) Jerry Maren
Daniel Boone. 18) Michael McGreevey
10) Stanley Livingston 19) Patty McCormick
My Three Sons. 20) Terry Moore
11) Mary McDonough 21) Margaret O'Brien
The Walton’s. 22) Maureen O'Hara
12) Don Most 23) Betsy Palmer
Happy Days. 24) Debbie Reynolds
13) Dick Van Patten
25) Mickey Rooney
Eight Is Enough. 26) Jane Russell
14) Paul Petersen
27) Ann Rutherford
The Donna Reed Show. 28) Stella Stevens
15) Jon Provost 29) Dean Smith
Lassie. 30) Beverly Washburn
16) Keith Thibodeaux 31) Claudia Wells
I Love Lucy.  
17 Adam West  
18) Barry Williams  
The Brady Bunch.  
Watch Sonny's tribute to Brian Keith featuring James Drury:
Music: Tribute Programs:


1) Frankie Avalon 1) Lauren Bacall
2) Pat Boone 2) Humphrey Bogart
3) Altovise Davis 3) James Cagney
Wife of Sammy Davis Jr. 4) Eddy Cantor
4) Richie Furay 5) Gary Cooper
Buffalo Springfield 6) Joan Crawford
5) Lee Greenwood 7) Bette Davis
6) Davy Jones 8) Walt Disney
The Monkees 9) Jean Harlow
7) Marshall Lytle 10) Charlton Heston
Billy Haley and The Comets. 11) Bob Hope
8) Deana Martin 12) Howard Hughes
9) Tony Orlando 13) Judy Garland
10) Stu Phillips 14) Cary Grant
11) Herb Reed 15) Burt Lancaster
The Platters. 16) Jerry Lewis
12) J. P. Richardson Jr. 17) Robert Mitchum
Son of the Big Bopper. 18) Ronald Reagan
13) Dave Somerville 19) Donna Reed
The Diamonds. 20) Lizabeth Scott
14) Rick Springfield 21) James Stewart
15) Gordon Stoker 22) John Wayne
The Jordanairs.  
16) B. J. Thomas  
17) Dean Torrence  
Jan and Dean.  
18) Bobby Vee  
19) Ray Walker  
The Jordanairs.  
20) Andy Williams  
Newly Added:
1) Bobby Rydell 2) Tribute to The Marx Brothers
3) Richard Kiel 4) Barry Livingston
5) Tribute to June Filmer 6)Tribute to Audie Murphy
7) Our 200th Episode! 8) Elvis Week 2011.
9) Fabian  10) Tribute to Glenn Ford
11) Cindy Williams   12) Christopher Mitchum
13) Tribute to Alfred Hitchcock 14) Tribute to Marilyn Monroe
15) Gary Puckett   16) Tribute to Dale Robertson
17) James Arness 18) Charles Connor   (Drummer for Little Richard)
19) James Drury 20) Tribute to Patsy Cline


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