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The following is a list of interviews dealing with Elvis.
(Each interview was conducted by Sonny Starr and is available to you Free!)


Richard Kiel, best known as (Jaws) in a string of James Bonds films, also worked with Elvis. He worked on the wonderful Elvis picture "Roustabout". Kiel played the circus strong Man. He had some wonderful stories to share. 2011
Television legend Barry Livingston, best known for his role on "My Three Sons", was working on a picture at Paramount when he first met Elvis who was working on "Fun In Acapulco". He shares this very fun and interesting story. 2011
Julie Adams was Elvis' leading lady in the picture in the fun picture "Tickle Me". She is a fun and entertaining lady and has some great stories to tell. The sound track from this film was wonderful and won Elvis the Golden Laurel award for best Musical Performance. He beat out the Beatles among others for the top prize. 
Cynthia Pepper starred with Elvis in the wonderful picture  Kissin' Cousins. Her film and television credits are long and  impressive. The interview is loaded with great sound clips   and fun music. August 2009
Gordon Stocker of the Jordanairs. He shares his wonderful story. He joined the group in 1949. They started recording with Elvis in 1956 and preformed with him through 1970. They appeared with Elvis in film, on television, in concert, and on all of his recordings. Wonderful musical journey. 2007
Ray Walker sang bass with the Jordanairs. He takes us on a wonderful journey through his many years with Elvis. He was the one who urged Elvis to record "How Great Thou Art." Every Elvis fan will want a copy of this program for their Collection. 2007
Ace Collins shares stories from his wonderful book, "Untold Gold, the stories behind Elvis' #1 hits." Ace was able to talk with many of the Men and Woman
who wrote the music for Elvis. It is an interesting journey. The interview is a three part program. It Covers the 50s, 60s and 70s. Great Music included.
Rick Stanley, Elvis' step-brother shares his memories of Elvis. He moved into Graceland in 1960. Over the years he became very close to Elvis. As he said, "Elvis was my life." He was at Graceland the night Before Elvis passed away. He spoke with him just hours before his death. 1992 and 2010
Dean Jones shares his wonderful career in Hollywood. He starred in a string of Disney films. The "Love Bug", That Darn Cat", and "The Shaggy D.A." Just to name a few. He Also starred along side Elvis in "Jailhouse Rock." Dean shared some interesting insight into that film. This is a Fun program. 2006
Interview with James Drury who played Elvis’ brother, Ray Reno in “Love Me Tender”. James shared some wonderful insights into that film as well as his work on the classic television series, “The Virginian”. Interview is full of sound clips and music. 2008
A wonderful Talk with Elvis' love interest in Girls! Girls! Girls! (Stella Stevens). Stella shared some fascinating stories surrounding the making of this film. This is a great visit with wonderful sound clips and of course great music!!!
Jimmy Hawkins is best known as James Stewarts youngest son in "It's A Wonderful Life". However he also starred in a couple of films with Elvis. Mr. Hawkins talked about his close relationship with Elvis during the making of "Spinout" and "Girl Happy". The interview is full of sound clips and great music.

Each interview makes a wonderful gift for any Elvis fan. If you would like a copy, simply send $3.50 for S&H to: Sun Star Studios, 2205 Debra Drive Springfield Oregon, 97477. Check, Money order or cash excepted. Remember to indicate which program you desire. Questions? Please use the contact link. For a limited time, Each interview will come with a bonus track featuring legendary Paramount pictures executive, A.C. Lyles. It's a clip from an interview with Sonny that touched on his relationship with Elvis. It's a wonderful conversation.

Your Feedback

Original still from the film, "It Happened At The Worlds Fair."

Ace Collins AK.. My aunt was a tween when Elvis hit. She was often my baby sitter and I was listening to Presley's music from the time I was a toddler. So the first songs I learned were Elvis hits. 

John M. Hanna Springfield OR... God must have a sense of humor. I was never an Elvis fan, never listened to his music, etc. But somehow, my 9 year old became a huge fan. We even stopped at Graceland last summer and he was so excited! Because of my son, I am beginning to enjoy Elvis' music!

Jason  Wagstaff Nottingham, United Kingdom... I grew up listening to Elvis. Now at 38 I sing his songs I have pictures around the living room I have a life size cardbored cut out I have a silver stat of him and my sons called Aaron.

Patti, Texas... Big Fan of Elvis. And, always will be love his music and seen all his movies. And, went to Memphis in year 1996 went through the graceland manison. Very Awesome.... had wonderful time..

Aida from Gothenburg, Sweden... Well, I became a fan three years ago. I had always known about Elvis and his music, but I remember the night I became a true fan. I was lying in my bed listening to music on my mp3, trying to fall asleep, and "It's Now or Never" started playing and it was the first time I really listened to one of his songs. And when I heard his voice it was like nothing I'd ever heard before. His voice was really sexy and it took me about 2 hours to fall asleep 'cause I was just lying there thinking about him. The next day I downloaded a bunch of his songs, making cds, and started collecting all of his movies. I've been a loyal fan ever since. His music and his voice moves me like no one else can.

Noel Wicker... have always been a fan, both my parents were BIG fans and my father had a room full of Elvis items. My mother has a picture that her grandmom gave her of Elvis performing right before he really made it big at Tupelo high school.

I - 3 the voice of Elvis Presley!... How I became a fan..... I would believe it´s from my mother listening to him. I can´t remember a time without him in my life. I usually tell people that I´ve been a fan since before I was born. I haven´t had an easy life and Elvis has always been a sanctuary to me. Every time I hear his smooth voice I know that everything will be ok. For me Elvis is peace and love all rolled in to one ♥

---My great grandpa met him right before Elvis became famous. My great grandpa was at a gas station and Elvis was sitting down strumming a guitar.

Genni Keomanivane Granite City, IL... Funny but growing up there was really no one in my family that was a big Elvis fan. But ever since I could remember I have always loved him. My mom told me this story. When I was about 5 or 6 we were watching an Elvis movie and she looked ......over and I was crying so she asked me what in the world are you crying for and I replied he was supposed to marry me : ) LOL She said from that moment on I was hooked and when ever Elvis was on I was front and center let me tell ya boy did that make my two brothers MAD being the 3 of us had to share a TV!!

P.S - My fav all time movie is Tickle Me and I will guess that may have been the one we watched that day : )

Rainey Day Texas... I have been an ELVIS Fan since 1956, was lucky to see him that year and he was wearing the Gold Suit..I started collecting Elvis treasures. Went to Vegas and seen him 1971, and when he was in Calif. 1974 he was wearing the Peacock jumpsuit and I have a collectors plate with that same picture. I am such a fan, my husband got XM radio in the house so I always have Elvis..! I will always love him..

Maurice, Swords Ireland 9/6/08

In 1956 things were quite different in Ireland and the UK.
We 14 year olds did not see or hear Elvis on tv. Those who stayed in and listened to radio Luxemburg on Sunday nights would have. I didn't.

In 1956 Bill Haley and his Comets were dominating the music charts in Ireland and the UK. The movie "Rock Around the Clock" was causing a sensation.
Then early in 1957 on the way to school I popped into a cafe to play the jukebox and spotted that very curious name, Elvis Presley.
Didn't a school friend in 1956 mention "Blue Suade Shoes" to me? He even sang a few lines of the song.

Curious to hear this Elvis, I put a coin in the slot and selected him singing "I'm Playing for Keeps". A Ballad!

I stood there transfixed by that extraordinary, versatile and beautiful voice! Then I Played the other side of the disc, "Too Much" and that was me, hooked for life!

Having spent my bus fare on Elvis I would be walking the 3 miles to school and back home again!:-)

I would walk many more miles, even when I was employed, in order to buy Elvis Albums.
That's just the bare bones of the story. It really would take volumes!


-R.P. 2/13/08

He had such a winning combination - talent, charm, looks, passion for what he was doing, and charisma. Lots of people could sing well but did not have the same kind of success that he did. I think if pressed, I might be tempted to say that his charisma did a lot for him - it really drew people to him (and still does) and helps magnify all of his other talents.

-G.Z. 2/15/08

what was the source of that charisma? That's what I find fascinating.
To me he was the complete audio/visual package. Plus he just absolutely exuded a kind of barely reined in energy that was/is so compelling. Ultimately it comes down to (in Elaine Dundy's words) 'the grain of his voice', the way he looked, and the way he moved. Words don't do him justice.

-C.S. Oregon

"I was never a fan of Elvis. I grew up knowing who he was but I never got into it. After listing to your interview, I must say I have changed my thinking. I really can see why he was so loved. For the first time I really listened to his music. He really is a wonderful singer. I am going down right now to buy some of his CD's. I also want to say I love Ray Walker. He has a super voice. He seems like a warm person. He really is a legend. Thanks again for a very entertaining interview."

-C.P. USA 2/29/08

One year at my birthday party a friend gave me the Flaming Star album. I think it was my 16th Bth Dy. Anyway that song hit me for some reason and I went on to buy MANY more Elvis albums. Today however I do not own a turn table so can't hear many of them as they are not on CDs. I am also trying to get all his movies on DVD now. I have a good start but again, some I shall never be able to get some I am sure.

Linda, Eugene Oregon. 8/26/07

I became a Elvis fan from day one. I was 9 years old When I heard hound dog on the radio he had me and when I saw him on TV for the first time he was so good looking. He still has the same effect on me 30 years after his death.

Carman, Junction City Oregon. 8/29/07

My fondest memories of Elvis were when I was a child. I remember watching his movies on TV and I loved them. My favorite movie was "It Happened At The Worlds Fair" and my favorite songs were "Jailhouse Rock" and "In the Ghetto". There was something about Elvis that was amazing; he just seemed so cool to me as a child. even though it was quite a few years after his time. As an adult my family and I were able to travel to Tupelo, Mississippi and see the tiny house that he was born in. It was great to see that a man, who rose to such greatness, has such humble beginnings. I was 8 years old when Elvis died and I still remember how sad I felt. God created something special when he created Elvis.

evolutionVScreation' USA 9/2/07

Basically, I grew up listening to Elvis, because my parents (especially my Mom) listened to his LPs all the time lol. I guess my curiosity arose from there. Elvis and Neil Diamond (who is sometimes called 'the Jewish Elvis') are my two favorite male singers. I'm American. 

Arnold, Southern California. 9/6/07  

I was an Elvis fan from the beginning.  I bought a copy of "Heartbreak Hotel" the morning after I first heard it on Chicago radio and continued to enjoy Elvis for years thereafter.  Like most Chicagoans at the time, I wasn't aware of Elvis's Sun Records phase in the beginning, but I love all of the recordings he did for Sam Phillips.

Cryogenic 05/13/12

I've kinda always been one (a fan). I can't pinpoint a particular moment; and I don't think there really is one. On the other hand, I can tell you for a fact that my interest surged in 2004, when I was casually looking into Elvis online -- with, I must admit, at the time, a somewhat-morbid fascination with pictures from his final years of touring -- and I discovered that both the Comeback and Aloha television specials were coming to DVD, and in pretty luxurious treatments, too. Took me a while to get the Aloha set, but I plunked the cash straight down for the Comeback Special, more or less the day it came out, and I remember going to the counter and the girl fetching a copy from out the back, returning with the remark, "Sorry for the delay, I thought this was a book!" (I obtained it from WHSmith; which I recall having a voucher for).

I suppose the catalyst for my life-long interest was my mom's two-disc "greatest hits" compilation, simply titled "Presley" (in upper-case). It's a compact-disc release which has a shot of Elvis from the 50's over a red background; I still think it looks striking. I kind of played that on and off as I grew up, always finding it a joy to listen to. And on the odd occasion I caught one of his films on TV, I'd sit and watch. They weren't necessarily the most gripping films to my young, impatient mind, but they had an aura because of their main star. It was an excellent way to get further acquainted with the man. Oddly, it took me years to purchase any more material, but I remember the "A Little Less Conversation" remix and the first volume of "Platinum: A Life In Music" being early buys, preceding my discovery of the aforementioned Comeback Special and Aloha DVD releases.

And it's great being a fan. There is much to discover and re-discover with every passing month and year. The saddest aspect has to be the distancing effect of the passage of time, however. As the years roll by, Elvis' life and times recede further into the past, and those who knew him slowly perish. In that sense, I guess we must try and enjoy the present moment as much as we can, not thinking too much of an undefined, ever-unreachable future. Fortunately, whenever I play a song, it's like stepping into a time warp: I'm right back there, before the moment of my own birth, even, and all is right.

L.S. 5/16/12

I became an Elvis fan REALLY young when I was around four. My aunt was also a big Elvis fan and she came to visit me and my family and she kind of got me interested in Elvis! When I was young, I had a big, big crush on him and loved watching his old technicolor movies. As I got older, my interest sort of waned but a couple of years ago, I got back into Elvis and because I was then in my 20's, really began to love and appreciate his music.


Magazine from 1956

Original One sheet Poster

Quotes From the King

"I don't like being called Elvis The Pelvis. That's gotta be one of the most childish expressions I've ever heard coming from an adult."

"Some people tap their feet, some people snap their fingers, and some people sway back and forth. I just sorta do 'em all together, I guess."

"I just fell into it really. My daddy and I were laughing about it the other day. He looked at me and said, 'What happened, El? The last thing I remember is I was working in a can factory and you were driving a truck'. We all feel the same way about it. Still it just caught us up."

"I am not the King. Jesus Christ is the King. I'm just an entertainer."

"I want to entertain people. That's my whole life. To my last breath."

"The image is one thing and the human being is another, it's very hard to live up to an image."

"I've never gotten over what they call stage fright. I go through it every show. I'm pretty concerned, I'm pretty much thinking about the show. I never get completely comfortable with it, and I don't let the people around me get comfortable with it, in that I remind them that it's a new crowd out there, it's a new audience, and they haven't seen us before. So it's got to be like the first time we go on."

"A live concert to me is exciting because of all the electricity that is generated in the crowd and on stage. It's my favorite part of the business - live concerts."

"Since I was two years old, all I knew was gospel music. That music became such a part of my life it was as natural as dancing. A way to escape from my problems, an my way of release."

I don't sound like nobody."

"God has blessed me... and he's given me a lot of things that a lot of other people would like to have...I mean I would like other to see other people have. In other words, I wish that everybody could have luxuries in life.... But I guess that's impossible."

"I'm a true believer of God. I believe all good things come from God."

Original recording, "I got Stung."

Original EP. Don't Be Cruel/Hound Dog & more

Elvis' (complete) list of #1 Hits

Here it is! The following is a list of #1 songs by Elvis. It also includes his #1 albums. Most charts only touch on his pop singles. They tend to overlook the complete list of #1 records. Elvis sold 1 billion records by 1973 according to the Guinness Book of world records. No other artist has even sold half that number. Today Elvis is quickly closing in on 2 billion. One came truly say he will never be equaled.

1) I Forgot To Remember To Forget #1 1955. ( C )
2) Heartbreak Hotel #1 1956. ( P, C, R )
3) I Want You, I Need You, I Love You #1 1956. ( P, C, R )
4) Don't Be Cruel #1 1956. ( P,C,R )
5) Hound Dog #1 1956. ( P, C, R )
6) Love Me Tender #1 1956. ( P )
7) Elvis Presley #1 1956. ( Album)
8) Elvis #1 1956. ( Album )
9) Too Much #1 1957. ( P, CB)
10) All Shook Up #1 1957. ( P, C, R, U)
11) Teddy Bear #1 1957. ( P, C, R )
12) Jailhouse Rock #1 1957. ( P, C, R ,U )
13) Don't #1 1957. ( P )
14) Elvis Christmas Album #1 1957. ( Album )
15) Loving You #1 1957. ( Album )
16) Peace In The valley #1 1957. ( G )
17) Blue Christmas #1 1957. ( CC )
18) Just for You #1 1957. ( Album )
19) Wear My Ring Around Your Neck #1 1958. ( R )
20) Hard Headed Woman #1 1958. ( P )
21) One Night #1 1958. ( U )
22) I Got Stung #1 1958. ( U )
23) Now and Then (There's a Fool Such As I) #1 1959. ( U )
24) I Need Your Love Tonight #1 1959. ( U )
25) A Big Hunk O' Love #1 1959. ( P )
26) Stuck On You #1 1960. ( P, Aus)
27) It's Now or Never #1 1960 ( P, U, Aus )
28) Are You Lonesome Tonight #1 1960. ( P, U )
29) GI Blues #1 1960. ( Album )
30) Fame and Fortune #1 1960 (Aus)

31) Stuck On You #1 (Aus)
32) I Gotta Know #1 1960 (Aus)
33) Surrender #1 1961. ( P, U, Aus )34) Wooden Heart #1 1961. ( U, Aus)
35) Marie's the Name) His Latest Flame #1 1961. ( U )
36) Little Sister #1 1961. ( U )
37) Can't Help Falling in Love With You #1 1961. ( AC, U, Aus )
38) Rock-A-Hula Baby #1 1961. ( U, Aus )
39) Something for Everybody #1 1961. ( Album )
40) Blue Hawaii #1 1961. ( album )
41) Good Luck Charm #1 1962. ( P, U, Aus )
42) Anything That's Part Of You #1 1962. ( U, Aus )
43) She's Not You #1 1962. ( U )
44) Return To Sender #1 1962. ( U, Aus, CB )
45) (You're the) Devil in Disguise #1 1963. ( U )
46) Roustabout #1 1964. ( Album )
47) Ain’t That loving You Baby #1 1964 (Aus)48) Ask Me #1 1964 (Aus)
49) Crying In the Chapel #1 1965. ( U, AC, G, Aus ) 50) I Believe In The Man In The Sky #1 1965 (Aus)
51) (Such An) Easy Question #1 1965. ( AC )
52) I'm Yours #1 1965. ( AC )
53) Elvis From Memphis #1 1968 (Album- UK)
54) In The Ghetto #1 1969. ( U, AC, CB, Aus )
55) Suspicious Minds #1 1969 ( P, Aus )
56) The Wonder Of you #1 1970. ( U, AC )
57) You Don't Have to Say You Love Me #1 1970. ( AC )
58) Burning Love #1 1972. ( CB ) .....Was number two in record sells for the entire year!
59) Elvis - Aloha from Hawaii, via Satellite #1 1973. ( Album )
60) Elvis Legendary Performers #1 1973 (Album-CB)
61) Good Times #1 1973 (Album-CB)
62) Elvis Live On stage in Memphis 1974 #1 (Album-CB)
63) Promise Land #1 1974 (CB, C)
64) My Boy #1 1975. ( AC )
65) Elvis 40 Greatest Hits #1 1975 (Album-UK, German)
66) The Sun Sessions #1 1975 (Album-CB)
67) From EP BLVD #1 1976 (Album-CB,C)
68) Moody Blue #1 1976 ( Album-CB, C)
69) Moody Blue #1 1977. ( C )
70) Way Down #1 1977. ( C, U ) ...... Elvis' last #1 hit before his death.
71) Elvis In Concert #1 1977 (Album-CB, C)
72) Guitar Man #1 1981. ( C )
73) A Little Less Conversation #1 2002 ( U, SSC, Aus, DL )…Was number one in over 30 countries.
74) ELVIS 30 #1 Hits #1 2002. ( Album ) .....Top selling album of the year.
75) Rubberneckin' #1 2003. ( SSC )
76) That's All Right (Mama) #1 2004. ( SSC )
77) Elvis By The Presley’s #1 2004 (BB Soundtrack)
78) Jailhouse Rock #1 2005. ( U )
79) One Night #1 2005. ( U )
80) It's Now Or Never #1 2005 ( U )
81) I Got Stung #1 2005 (U)
82) Heartbreak Hotel #1 2006. ( SSC )
83) Elvis Christmas #1 2006 (BB County Catalog)
84) The Essential Elvis Presley #1 2006 (Dutch Chart)
85) In the Ghetto (Duet with Lisa Marie) #1 2007. ( U, DL )
86) If I can Dream (duet with Celine Dion) #1 2007. (DL)
87) The King #1 2007 (Album-UK, GFK, Austia)
88) Viva Las Vegas #1 2008. (DSC)
89) "Re:Volution" #1 2011 (Album-U). I-tune.
90) If I Can Dream ELVIS with the Royal Philharmonic Orc. #1 2015 (Album, UK album, Aus. album)

Explanation of Symbols 
( AUS ) - Australian Pop Chart.  ( P )-Billboard  Pop Chart.   ( C )-Billboard Country Chart.   ( R )-Billboard-R & B chart.   ( U )-U.K. Pop Chart.   ( G )-Gospel Chart. ( Album )-Billboard hot 100 Album Chart.   ( AC )-Billboard Adult Contemporary Chart.   ( CB )-Cash box magazine pop chart. 
( SSC )-Billboard hot 100 Single Sells Chart.   ( DL )-Internet Download Chart.   ( CC )-Billboard Christmas Chart. (DSC) Billboard's Music DVD chart.

Elvis Trivia

Time for some fun! Each month we will ask you a trivia question regarding Elvis. The first person to answer the question correctly will win a great prize!!!!! Simply e-mail your answer by using the contact page.

You are playing for a copy of an interview with Elvis' step brother Rick Stanley. The interview was conducted in 1992 to commemorate the 15th anniversary of Elvis' passing. It comes with a bonus track featuring legendary Paramount pictures executive, A. C. Lyles. No postage Charge. It will come with a collectable cover, not available to anyone Else.

Question: Of all the movie's Elvis made, his favorite was "King Creole". What was his least favorite?

Sonny's first Elvis LP given to him by his aunt Sharon

Elvis In Hollywood

Ann Margret appeared with Elvis in
'Viva Las Vegas.' 
(From Sonny's private collection)
Stella Stevens appeared with Elvis in 'Girls Girls Girls.'
(From Sonny's private collection)


The following is a complete list of Elvis' feature films. They are listed in the order of their release date. All are now available to the public. Check with your favorite Video store or on line shop.

1) Love Me tender-1956

2) Loving You-1957

3) Jailhouse Rock-1957

4) King Creole-1958

5) G.I. Blues-1960
6) Flaming Star-1960

7) Wild In The Country-1961

8) Blue Hawaii-1961

9) Follow That Dream-1962

10) Kid Galahad-1962

Jailhouse Rock 
Girls Girls Girls

11) Girls Girls Girls-1962

12) It Happened At the Worlds Fair-1963

13) Fun In Acapulco-1963

14) Kissin' Cousins-1964

15) Viva Las Vegas-1964
16) Roustabout-1964

17) Girl Happy-1965

18) Tickle Me-1965

19) Harum Scarum-1965

20) Frankie and Johnny-1966

21) Paradise Hawaiian Style-1966

22) Spinout-1966

23) Easy Come, Easy Go-1967

24 Double Trouble-1967

25) Clambake-1967
26) Stay Away, Joe-1968

27) Speedway-1968

28) Live a Little, Love a Little-1968

29) Charro-1969

30) The Trouble With Girls-1969


31) Change Of Habit-1969


Documentary's / Concerts

Original Elvis dog tag bracelet from 1956

32) That's the way It is-1970

33) Elvis On Tour-1972

34) Aloha From Hawaii-1973


Original bubble gum card from 1956

Original bubble gum card from 1956



To my aunt Sharon: Thanks for introducing me to Elvis. All My best, Sonny.


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